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Exercise Methods – After burn Effect

The so called After-burn Effect or also known as “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” during exercise you burn calories depending on the exercise you do, the intensity and the total duration. The good news about exercise is that you still burn calories even after exercise, though not as much. As time goes on you can become more consistent which will help you burn more calories. This method is of interest to people trying to lose weight with various exercise methods effectively burning calories during and after exercise. Just like High intensity interval training (HIIT) it’s a form of cardiovascular that mixes short intense anaerobic exercise with moderate or less intense recovery periods.

For example running as fast as you can for 2 minutes and then walking for 2 minutes and repeating the cycle four 4 times.
Or for a home workout, skip for one minute or any high intensity workout you can do at home without upsetting the neighbours and then a low intensity work out for 2 minutes repeating this 4 times.

This method is great as not only does it help burn calories during your exercise but enables you to burn more calories 48 hours after you exercise. You won’t burn at the same high intensity but think of all the time in which you can still burn calories.

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