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Do’s & Don’ts of Excising

Now days when I go to the gym all I see is men getting changed and running to the nearest bench and weights room. This needs to stop now! As you can see I said men, as I see most of the ladies always going for a jog first and stretching after. Men don’t seem to want to do this in a good work out there should be a warm up and a cool down these are essential in the build up for your body before and after exercise as these period of time are just as important for the body as the actually exercises done.

Warm up is something people try and shrug off this before exercise, but just like cold dough, cold muscles will not move or work properly without the risk of a muscle tear. A warm up doesn’t have to be intense or go on for an hour a light jog and few static/ dynamic stretches can work wonders later on in your exercises.

“Stretching seems to be a ‘lost art,’ but it can improve ranges of motion and flexibility and reduce the risk of muscle tightness or strain” says Debi Pillarella, Med, a certified personal trainer and national fitness spokesperson for ACE.

Bring a bottle of water or isotonic drink you’ll need both at some point, water to replace in the body lost by sweat and isotonic drink used as by the muscles as energy during exercise.
Lifting too much, I’ve seen it one too many times in the gym. Talk to a fitness advisor to ensure that you’re lifting weights appropriate for you, otherwise you could injure your muscles and serious harm yourself. When you feel that you can increase the weight you should get someone to support just for safety reasons. Also if you feel yourself jerking around on a free weight you’re probably causing more harm then good. Find a weight you can lift smoothly as your most effective like this and will work your muscles better. Remember you don’t have to lift the biggest weights to get muscles.

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