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Fuel for Exercise

“What exercises do you do?” that’s the question I see being directed to the most ripped person in my gym these days. But that’s not the question that needs to be asked, exercise isn’t the only thing that keeps on the pounds your diet plan plays a big part in that too! Most people think that if you exercise enough you’ll lose weight, that’s true to a certain extent but combined eating the right foods and when to eat will increase your weight lose 10 fold.

Most people almost always forget the key component in their exercise: Fuel. You cannot drive your car for long distances without it breaking down without any fuel, the same goes for the body. Your body needs fuel in order to work properly. Your body works well when it’s fuelled before exercise, consuming a small meal 30-40 minutes before or a sugary/glucose drink 10 minutes before exercise helps your muscles work better recover faster and rebuild. It will almost help to drink a light sugary drink helps reduce the amount of muscle breakdown that naturally occurs during exercise.

The final part to eating before, during and after exercise is ingesting protein within 45 minutes of the end of your workout. This is the key in the rebuilding phase of your muscles as they have been broking down during exercise and they need to rebuild bigger and stronger. So eating protein in the forms of hard food or shakes help insure that the muscles rebuild stronger and faster.

If you are not to keen on the protein shakes, low fat chocolate works great since it tastes good, is cost effective and is easy attainable with whey and soy drinks working to the same effects too. Solid food like chicken breast also works well too along with a light carbohydrate like rice. I say this because not all the protein shakes advertised work to what is claimed, so have harmful substances or may not contain the ingredients they list, so be care when buying them.

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