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Are You Making These Workout Mistakes at the Gym?

Going to the gym is a fantastic habit that will keep you strong, healthy and in shape throughout your life. However, many people make common mistakes when they go to the gym and these errors can make injuries more likely and hinder progress. If you are making these workout mistakes at the gym, be aware of them and change your habits!

Not Warming Up Before a Workout

It is important to always stretch and warm up before your workout, or you risk muscle tears and pulls. Do something before your workout to get the blood flowing and increase the temperature of your muscles, even if it is just a short walk or a few reps on the machine at a very low weight. Also, do a few stretches before your workout so that your body can benefit from increased flexibility.

Overdoing It

Many people push themselves too hard during their workouts, which puts them at risk for muscle strain and injury. When you hurt yourself, you will need to rest and recover – which negates the advantages of an intense workout! Your body needs to be able to repair itself, so make sure that you don’t work out too hard and that you give yourself a chance to recover.

Not Setting a Goal

When you don’t have a specific goal for your workouts, it can be very easy to get de-motivated and give up. Set yourself some short term and long term goals so that you can keep yourself dedicated to your progress. Reward yourself when you reach your goals and then set the next goal to keep yourself going.

Using the Improper Form

When you are weight lifting, it is very important to use the correct form so that you don’t injure yourself during the exercise. When you are not holding your body correctly, you can put strain on the wrong muscles and joints. This can cause soreness, pulled muscles and a lot of pain. If you aren’t sure of the correct form for a particular exercise you can always ask one of the personal trainers at the gym to show you.

Socialising and Watching Television

Focusing on other things during your workout, such as watching the TVs or chatting with your friends, will ensure that you get much less benefits from your workout. If you are able to concentrate on Britain’s Got Talent while you are working out, you are probably not pushing your body to its limits or paying enough attention to what you are doing. Make sure that your workout is your primary focus – you can always watch TV and chat when you get home.

These are just a few of the mistakes that many people make when they are at the gym. Are these mistakes holding you back from making the most of your workout? Change your habits and you will see that your workouts are much safer and more effective!

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