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Tips for Spotting Your Workout Buddy While They Weight Lift

Having a spotter is very important for safety when weight lifting, as it will help you to avoid injuring yourself and can also help you to increase the effectiveness of the workout. Go to the gym with a workout buddy and you can help spot each other.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are spotting your workout buddy:

Ensure they are using the Proper Technique

Using the incorrect technique can be harmful to weight lifters and can result in serious injuries. Watch your friend carefully and make sure that they have the right posture and technique. If they are lifting incorrectly they can hurt their muscles.

Help to Encourage Them

When you are acting as a spotter for your friend you will give them a lot of encouragement and a sense of confidence – which will help them to complete the lift safely and effectively. It might not seem like a big deal, but a lot of workout performance is mental so this can have a huge effect.

Put Your Hands on the Lifter’s Wrists, not Their Elbows

When you are spotting a dumbbell bench press you should place your hands near the lifter’s wrists, not near their elbows. Placing your hands near their elbows provides too much assistance and it is dangerous, because if their wrists bend inward and they lose control they could drop the weight on their face.

Don’t Let Them Lift More than They can Handle

For safety reasons you should not let your friend lift more weight than they can get up at least mostly by themselves. If the weight is too heavy they should lighten the load and work up from there. If your workout buddy is trying to lift more weight than they can handle their form and technique will break down and they will be prone to injury.

Communication is Key

Before the lift the spotter and the lifter both must communicate and agree on how the set will be done. Make sure that you know how many reps your workout buddy will be going for and when you should touch the dumbbell. They might not want you to step in unless it really looks like they won’t be able to complete the lift. You can also agree on whether your buddy would prefer for you to vocally motivate them, or whether they would like you to stay quiet.

Pay Attention

This is very important – as your workout buddy’s safety depends on you paying attention to what is going on. Don’t be looking at your phone, talking to someone nearby or paying attention to anything else. Your focus should be on your friend and you should be ready to grab the bar if they reach failure while lifting.

Keep these tips in mind so that you can do the best possible job when spotting your workout buddy while they weight lift.

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