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Where Do You Get New Ideas for Workouts?

When you do the same workout every week, it starts to get boring and you can be more likely to lose your motivation. Also, when you are always doing the same set of exercises your muscles will get used to it and the workout will not have the same impact. It’s important to switch things up to keep yourself interested and to keep challenging your body in new ways.

So where do you get your ideas for workouts? Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a constant stream of new ideas for exercises to do. Here are some ideas that can help you to keep your workouts fresh.

Check Out YouTube

There are hundreds and hundreds of great workout videos on Youtube that will give you new ideas for what to do. Whether you are looking for a 30-minute cardio blast or a bodyweight workout, you’ll find many to choose from. You could do a different workout every day on Youtube and you wouldn’t repeat one for years.

Join a Fitness Class

Your gym likely has a few group fitness classes that you could join in with. These classes can be a lot of fun and there is a good chance that the instructor will have you doing moves and exercises that you have not done before. You can add them to your routine when you are working out on your own later.

Hire a Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer means that you have an expert on hand to give you lots of great workout ideas. Also, they will work with you to create a custom workout plan that is suited to your body and the goals that you are trying to achieve. They can also help to make sure that you are following the right technique. Most gyms have personal trainers that you can hire to help you with a one of a kind workout plan.

Do a Deck of Cards Workout

Bring a deck of cards with you to the gym. Assign an exercise to each suit. For example, diamonds equals squats, hearts equals press ups, spades equals crunches and clubs equals star jumps. The number on the card equals the number of reps you need to do. You can assign different exercises to the kings and queens and jokers, or just have them count for more reps of the same. The goal is to go through the entire deck of cards. Can you do it?

Get a Workout Buddy

Why not head to the gym with a friend, so that you can teach each other the exercises that you know? Take turns challenging each other with new exercises – when you team up with a friend you have doubled your amount of ideas for fun and challenging workouts.

These are just a few ways that you can get new ideas for workouts and keep things fresh and interesting when you go to the gym.

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