• Member only gym during Corona Virus
  • Minimum of 1 month membership
  • Refurbishment recently completed!


Origin health and fitness is where you go where you want to get in the zone. It’s one of the largest free weights gyms in Essex and it offers excellent equipment, friendly and professional staff, on-site massage and sports rehab services.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean hitting the gym during the first week of January then forgetting about it for the rest of the year. It means making a long term commitment to making exercise part of your lifestyle on a regular basis. It means setting goals for yourself to challenge your endurance, build your strength and transform your body.

It means appreciating your body as the beautiful instrument it is and celebrating all of the amazing things it can do.

In order to push yourself toward your fitness goals successfully, you need the right environment and you will find it here at Origin Gym.


We aim to provide a vibrant atmosphere for everyone to work out and train in a positive and friendly environment. Our members are asked to share experience, respect each other and help each other on their journey.

  • Friendly and vibrant
  • Several classes included
  • Massage facilities
  • Life fitness equipment
  • Huge free-weights area
  • Dedicated free parking
  • Stylish changing facilities
  • Large range of cardio machines
  • Live music
  • Friendly & experienced staff
  • Healthy shakes available
  • Personal trainers on-site
  • Open from 4am weekdays
  • VO2 available

01708 630 987

CardioCoach VO2 Test

Whether you are a professional athlete, training for an event or simply want to lose weight, how do you know your training and diet is right for you and the results you want? You don’t.

The only way to truly know that your nutritional and training programme will get you the results you want is by scientifically understanding the way your body responds to exercise and diet.

Take all the guesswork out of exercise and nutrition.

Opening Times:   Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm     |     Saturday 7am to 6pm      |      Sunday 7am to 2pm